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Nike is one of the most popular sports items designers in the world. This company manufactures some of the most professional shoes, hats, clothing and sports related merchandise around. Its products are the object of desire for countless fanatics across the globe. is one of the online replica stores that attract shoes fanatics with […]

Authentic vs Replica Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black White Comparison

Many people are afraid to buy a fake Yeezy boost shoe, both knowingly or unknowingly. Considering these sneakers can run up to the $100s of thousands. it makes sense to know your Yeezy before you embark upon the re-seller market to make sure you don’t get cheated by a seller. Even if you are looking […]

Authentic vs. Replica Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga Comparison

Kanye West’s Yeezy line with Adidas is and always will be one of the most wanted designer boosts out there! The Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 Beluga specifically is one of their most famous boost –  at the top of all of it, is the famous Yeezy Boost that has had every sneakerhead craving for a […] Review

Are you looking for the coolest replica jordan shoes? Then you will surely want to check out the fake sneakers offered by, an online replica store where the coolest sneakers are available at incredibly low prices! is a very simple looking online replica store which does not brighten up its looks by using […] Review Review

The number of replica air jordan stores from where you can buy a great jordan shoe is really endless. There are so many websites out there that seem to be selling really good quality clones with an identical design and at very low prices that you simply do not know from where and what to […]

Buying Replica Sneakers from Alibaba

Buying Replica Sneakers from Alibaba

I have made several posts about different replica sneakers from Aliexpress. They are unfortunately hard to find since shops are removed as soon as they put replicas in their product catalog. I have also tried to find other good sites to buy knockoff sneakers. But I did actually not think that the mother site ALIBABA.COM […] Review

If you love air jordan shoes then you will probably adore It is an online replica store where you can find all the best-selling replica sneakers at very affordable prices. The website gets your attention right from the first moment. Its overall appearance is a very glossy, elegant and sophisticated one. It’s somehow fresh, […]

Are All Replica Sneakers The Same

Are all replica sneakers the same? I know you were all wondering about this and it was about time we clarified this very important matter. Well, just like all authentic sneakers are made differently, with different designs and distinct materials so are replica sneakers. If you test thousands of manufacturers, you will not find two […]

What is the difference between cheap and expensive fake sneakers?

As you have probably noticed, there are many different prices for fake sneakers online. But what do you actually pay for when you buy an expensive replica sneaker compared to a cheap one. There are more or less 3 price levels among fake sneakers. The ultra cheap replicas which cost 30-40 dollars, the replicas priced […]

Beware of Authentic Sneakers

When you are looking to buy a new sneaker the Internet is an endless source of possibilities. There are so many online stores out there selling such a wide range of products that you can never be too careful. From the quality of the materials to the perfection of the craftsmanship, everything leaves room for […] Review Review

For those of you who are anxious to enrich your shoe cabinet with a new or classic designer replica Yeezy boost, I have really good news. There is a new online store on the block. It is called and it promises to offer the very expensive fake shoes at very affordable prices. Is that […] Review Review

Do you love classic or popular designer sneakers? Then you will surely adore! This website is everything you ever dreamt of. Just imagine: a simple and refined online store that features a large and diverse collection of fake shoes. Here you can enrich your collection with some of the most popular sneakers. The homepage […]