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Nike is one of the most popular sports items designers in the world. This company manufactures some of the most professional shoes, hats, clothing and sports related merchandise around. Its products are the object of desire for countless fanatics across the globe. is one of the online replica stores that attract shoes fanatics with an elegant website, a splendid collection of air jordans and other sports shoes, very affordable prices and  world wide delivery. But besides these very tempting features we should also check how reputable and decent the merchant really is. Below we are going to review this website and see if it is as trustworthy as it looks.

Its homepage is very nicely designed. On the top of the page there is a white menu bar that includes buttons for some of the most important sports shoes categories, such as air Jordan Retros, Air Jordan Retro 2017 Releases, Adidas and Sneaker Blog. There is also a second menu bar in the left side of the screen which also includes the available sub-categories. Furthermore, in the center of the page there is a big size recommended product banner that shows air jordan retro 2017 releases and the huge discounts. In the lower part of the page there is also a list with the best sellers products.

The collection is impressive. carries not only a couple of the best-selling air Jordan shoes. Every category is divided into sub-categories that carry the same name as the original collections, like air Jordan 1, air Jordan 2, air Jordan 3 and more. Browsing is really easy. Here you will find the most appreciated Cheap Jordans, which is actually a good thing because it takes only a couple of seconds to find out if it is has what you are looking for or not.

The products are really affordable as the prices correspond to the ones available on most similar cheap jordan stores. Basically, these are no influenced by the size, materials and complication of every item.

Fortunately the pictures displayed on this replica shoes site are good as one may think. Not like the way other replica website do, the main issue with the photos is that these appear to be copied from three different sources. Some of them have a white background; some have a gray one while others are photographed next to a pile of books and a red rose. Clearly, does use its own product pictures.

When you order air Jordans shoes from you can only pay with credit card. Unfortunately this merchant does not offer you the possibility of paying by Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram. You can only pay with Visa, Master Card or JCB. I am pleased by this as its payment processing page is secure. It is a https link that nobody can access to use your information fraudulently.

This replica shoes e-shop is able to dispatch orders to any country in the world. When it sends packages it uses one of the following shipping methods- EMS or Fedex/DHL/TNT. EMS is the slowest option available as it usually takes about 7-15 working days for the package to arrive. The good thing about it is that it costs $6.85. The second option is also the fastest one available- it takes about 4-7 business days to get the order, but it costs $29.95.

When I first accessed the Returns page to read about its policies I was surprised to discover that this page didn’t exist. Apparently, there is another page on the site called Return and Exchange that includes the information which interested me, I thought. But nothing was found. I guess that I should not trust this online Air Jordan shoes store because of no return policy. Unfortunately, does not provide the kind of customer service that makes you trust a company. Instead of having a professional and easy to use customer care, it offers assistance only through a Contact Form. It does not have an email address, phone number or live chat available. This is a huge downside as in this line of business you can trust only the merchants that are easy to reach. is something that I like to call an average replica shoes online store. At first glance, it may convince you that it is a great choice due to its beautiful designed website, low prices, global wide delivery and secure payment processing form, but once you take a closer look you start discovering the worrisome things about its business- such as the non-existent Return page.