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Shopping for your dream replica Nike shoes isn’t as easy as one would think. This is mostly because there are so many companies out there that want to impress you with the largest collection, the lowest prices and the most customer orientated policies. But are these stores that reputable and trustworthy? Well, for starters, we will take and find out everything there is to know about its products and services.

The design of the website is pretty dull. It has that iconic white background that we are used seeing at replica sneakers stores, medium sliding banner and a simple menu. It doesn’t impress in any way and it doesn’t look too professional. But I got to hand it to it. It is very easy to use and intuitive.

Judging just by the menu bar which includes 8 categories, we could say that the collection is not limited. The truth is that this store offers more designers but these can be seen in the left side of the page after you click on one of the buttons from the menu. Also, the company doesn’t sell just replica Nike shoes. It also carries caps and clothing. It has something you need for styling up your outfits. I like the fact that the categories are nicely organized into sub-collections. Each sub-collection is named after the original collection. This helps us to easily find the desired style of shoe. Unfortunately, the site does not include an Advanced Search option and the number of items included in each sub-category is really impressive..

The prices are a real surprise. These are a few times less than what we find on other replica sneakers stores. To be more exact, these fake Nike shoes cost about $40-$80. For many  enthusiasts that are used with the exaggerated prices of the original Nike shoes, this may sound too good to be truth.

The pictures included on the website for each replica shoe are very bad. I was very disappointed when I saw the photos that uses for its fake shoes. These weren’t all taken in the same studio. From what I see, these are copied from at least five different catalogs.

My opinion is that it is preferable to place an order on a website that is able to take a large number of different payment methods. Why is this? Because it shows how reputable and professional the store really is. It tells us that it invests all its efforts into making sure that we can enjoy the freedom of choosing the most appropriate payment option, and that it cares about our satisfaction. accepts only western union, money gram and bank wire. No credit card types are available. I do not encourage customers to order from this website unless they have strong recommendations for the company’s reputability or they manage to contact Customer Service and discuss all their questions with the agents. ships packages to any country in the world and it provides free delivery over $120. We all love to order stuff online without paying for delivery. The company claims to use the most reliable carriers, such as EMS, DHL. The usual delivery time is 4-10 business days. Of course, all the packages receive a tracking number so you can see at any moment where your package is and there is a lost package policy which ensures the safe delivery of your order.

The store guarantees the satisfaction of your order with a 30 days return policy. You have 30 days from the delivery day to contact the store and request the information for sending the product back for a refund or exchange. Please note, there are some costs involved with this process, shipping and handling fee and the return shipping fees. These need to be paid by the customer.

Don’t be disappointed when you realize that doesn’t provide professional and responsive customer services. On the website there are only the options of contacting the agents by a mobile phone number or a outlook address. is one of the replica Nike shoes Internet stores that want to impress us with a very diversified and large collection of products, low prices. I got to admit that 30 days return policy is very appealing, but I simply can’t ignore the fact that it doesn’t offer professional quality pictures and alternatives to credit card payments.


  1. Today i got my sneakers and i paid with visa credit card , i am still do not know if they are originals or not but if they are , definially are a good replica, i am very happy with my purchase and customer service, they replied my emails very fast every time i have a question. I got my sneakers less than 2 weeks after I purchased them.

    1. It's the website legit and did u get your order


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