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Are All Replica Sneakers The Same

Are all replica sneakers the same? I know you were all wondering about this and it was about time we clarified this very important matter. Well, just like all authentic sneakers are made differently, with different designs and distinct materials so are replica sneakers. If you test thousands of manufacturers, you will not find two alike. I know, I know, these are supposed to be clones, but each manufacturer uses its own fabrication process, specific materials and certain design patters. Each of these very important details offers certain uniqueness to every counterfeit sneaker that hits the shelves.

So, just to summarize everything I was saying earlier: there are bad and good, perfect and dreadful replica sneakers. The market is so divers and so full of possibilities that you won’t believe your eyes. With one hundred dollars you can buy a fantastic reproduction of a replica sneaker that will pass any inspection or tests made by any expert or you can very well end up with a poorly manufactured sneaker that you would be ashamed to wear on your foot. It all depends on you, on how well you do your homework before placing an order online.

Do not buy a fake from the first merchant you come across. Take your time to research the market. Read reviews from customers on blogs and forums, study the online stores very well, see if the product photos look like actual pictures of their sneakers, contact the customer service and see how reliable and friendly the staff is, and very important: make sure they have a liable satisfaction guarantee.

If you are asking yourself how you can distinguish a bad fake from a good one then here are a couple of tips. The best replica sneakers are made from high quality material. We have to be realistic and admit that this material is not 100% as the one of the authentic sneakers, but it is still pretty close. You can tell from the photos if the material is good or not. Poor quality sneakers are made from inferior material. Also, this material can be identified very easily when looking at the product photos. It looks cheap. if you are that unfortunate as to order this type of fake then after receiving it you will definitely notice the very unpleasant and powerful smell it has. It isn’t an exaggeration. It really smells that bad and you can’t get the smell off no matter how hard you try.

Other important differences are the logos, the tags and stitching. All these details are part of the authentic design and everything, right down to the exact positioning, size and color of these markings counts. So when you are searching for a fake sneaker, you first have to know what type you are looking to buy. Have photos of the original one ready and compare the details in those photos with every small part and detail of the counterfeit sneaker. Only after you make this thorough comparison and you confirm that it has the same design and authenticity markings as the real one, you can go further with your order.

So NO, not all replica sneakers are made the same. There are very big differences between the quality and looks of imitation sneakers. Some may be perfect clones while others may be horrible reproductions. Either way, you have to know how to differentiate a good copy from a bad one, and if you can handle this remarkable set of skills then you will surely not encounter any problems in acquiring yourself a perfect counterfeit sneaker.

Here’s test. See if you can figure out which one is fake?

If you guessed the Air Jordan shoe on the right, you are correct.