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Beware of Fake Authentic Sneakers

When you are looking to buy a new sneaker the Internet is an endless source of possibilities. There are so many online stores out there selling such a wide range of products that you can never be too careful. From the quality of the materials to the perfection of the craftsmanship, everything leaves room for amazement. The same designer sneaker can vary greatly from one site to another and the explanation for this is very simple. Lately, there are just too many e-stores that try to deceive the inexperienced shopper by claiming that their sneakers are authentic when in fact these are very poor copies. You should know how to make the difference between a fake shoe and an authentic one. Otherwise you risk getting scammed.

I can understand and accept the fact that the World Wide Web has sites that offer both authentic and replica sneakers. Logically, when there is a high demand for a famous product there will always be someone somewhere that will foresee the advantages of cloning it. What I do not get is why that person would claim that its product is something that it’s not- the authentic deal. There are tons of people who do not care about authenticity. They would gladly buy a replica if it is a good copy and comes at a decent price. They just want to know what they are paying for and not get duped by a fraudulent merchant.

It seems like there’s a real trend now on the designer sneakers market. I have found few sites on the Internet that sell replica shoes without mentioning this very sensitive aspect. Instead of just writing on the page “it’s a replica” they play the “discounted outlet” card. They pretend that the products are authentic and make false statements such as “authentic Air Jordan website” or “Cheap high quality Yeezy boost”. This is so wrong from so many points of views. A shopper that doesn’t have that much experience in buying sneakers online will honestly think that the items are discounted authentic goods, but the truth is that such a site is a big fat fraud. And I can offer you  a clear examples of web store that try to trick us into believing that what they offer is  that say
The sad thing is that this discounted outlet trick really does work. There might be many people that believe that there are Air Jordan shoes, Kobe shoes or Under Armour UA Curry where they can find a designer sneaker at low price. The reality is that this is impossible. Expensive brands will never sell their products like this at a shockingly discounted price. Such a pricing policy affects their image irreparably and the truth is that their image and prestige are the only things that keep the prices high for their iconic models for decades. Some Yeezy boosts are pricier by the year because they are seen as exclusive shoe worn by celebrities and wealthy people that aren’t accessible to the average person. So if you ever come across a website that sells really low priced authentic sneakers start asking yourself if this is for real or if it is a scam. In 99% of the case it is a scam. And for countless reasons it is very wrong on so many levels. The end user has the right to know what he is buying.

Bottom line, when you find such a website that has really low prices for what usually are considered very expensive sneakers you should accept the fact that it sells replicas and tries to deceive the unsuspicious buyer by calling them “authentic” or “cheap high quality shoes etc.”. If you want to give it a chance then you can find out the truth by yourself. You simply take a couple of high quality pictures of the authentic purse and you compare them with the pictures of the products posted on the cheap website. A replica has numerous differences that are usually the consequence of the fact that fake manufacturers do not use very good quality materials and experienced craftsmen for making their goods. The main differences can be noticed at the texture of the material, the structure and shape of the sneaker, the stitching, the fonts used for the name and logos, the embossing from the leather and hardware, as well as the finishing of the metal parts. All these are very visible when you compare the two products. You really do not have to be an expert to notice the differences. A little bit of attention and patience will do.

So beware of “fake authentic sneakers” and the unscrupulous merchants that sell them. These are everywhere on the World Wide Web and it really is up to us to recognize one and stay away from their fraudulent business. It really does not matter if you are looking to buy an original designer sneaker or a fake one, either way you have the right to know the truth.