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Buying Replica Sneakers from

I have made several posts about different replica sneakers from Aliexpress. They are unfortunately hard to find since shops are removed as soon as they put replicas in their product catalog. I have also tried to find other good sites to buy knockoff sneakers.

But I did actually not think that the mother site ALIBABA.COM was a good place to buy sneakers (Search for “Air shoes” at ALIBABA.COM). Many suppliers at Alibaba sell lots of sneakers at the time and at very very affordable prices. Always remember to contact the suppliers at Alibaba before ordering. This way you get everything fixed the way you like.

How to shop at Alibaba

First you need to sign up but I actually think that you automatically have an account if you have already signed up at Aliexpress. After that you just search for the model of your choice and you will find a huge selection of replica sneakers.

Only downside is that shipping is normally not included in the price. But again there is a plus side as well. Shipping is normally by EMS and the price is very fair. This means that customs are avoided and you won’t get an extra vat fee if the seller can set a cheap invoice for your sneaker.

Of course Alibaba is the best place online to by products cheap in bulk and you will get a discount if you buy more sneakers.

Buy replica sneakers at

Beneath is listed different search terms for fake sneaker models and brands. Unfortunately I cannot link directly to the search results, so you have to do that after clicking the link here (search for Air sneakers and you will find them all) or after the acronyms.

Like the logos have mostly been removed from the counterfeit products, But simply contact the supplier so he can answer whatever questions you might have. As an example Yee sneakers are easier to find at Alibaba than other replicas. If a shop sell these they probably have a huge selection of other brands as well. Therefore you should contact a good trusted supplier of whatever replica sneakers they sell. Just click the contact supplier button on the page of your desired product or in the right sidebar.

Some suppliers also state that they minimum sell 10 pieces but if they are serious you can always buy a single shoe, so you can see if the quality lives up to your expectations. Some shops have a buy now button as well. But I suggest you search for Air sneakers at and then contact the shop for models, brands, catalogs etc. Best shop on Alibaba and been in business for many years.