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The number of replica air jordan stores from where you can buy a great jordan shoe is really endless. There are so many websites out there that seem to be selling really good quality clones with an identical design and at very low prices that you simply do not know from where and what to buy. The secret to choosing the right store is to check out everything about its policies, products and services and compare these to what other merchants are offering. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. As an example, below there is a review for a new fake sneakers online store I’ve just found-

The design of the homepage suggests that this is an average replica store- the type that doesn’t emphasize looks, but rather prefers to focus on the Jordan shoes it offers. The website has a simple appearance- white-red background, elegant and appealing banners and a discrete top menu bar. On the lower part of the screen there are several sponsored products and a more inclusive brands menu. There’s nothing too flashy about this site. It is just another online place where you can view some best-selling replica jordan shoes at really low prices. lists all its prices in USD. Clearly, it addresses its merchandise to US customers. A quick search through all its replica sneakers shows that the prices are very affordable. The smaller products like womens jordan shoes cost about $54-$65 while the mens shoes cost about $54-$65. I find these prices very fair considering the quality of these fake sneakers and their authentic looking design.

The pictures are a huge reason to doubt the reputability of this store. These seem to be copied from numerous different catalogs. Some have a white background; some have a black one while others were taken outside. Except this very important aspect, the pictures are pretty ok. The images are very clear and detailed. They show every important part of the replica shoes.

The payment methods that are accepted on are Credit Card, Western Union and Money Gram. I am pleased about the fact that there are alternatives.

I was really thrilled to see that the company ships packages some countries free of charge. Free shipping is one of the best deals you can expect to get when you are ordering a replica sneaker online. This store uses EMS, UPS and DHL for dispatching its orders and the usual delivery time is 5 to 9 business days, depending on the destination country. As always, once the package is shipped an email is sent to the customer with the tracking number. This way you always know where your package is.

Apparently, you have 7 days from the delivery date to notify the company that you wish to return the replica shoe for a refund or exchange. Of course, the sneaker must be unworn and unaltered. All the shipping back costs will be paid by the customer.

As far as customer service goes, fails greatly. It does not have a contact phone number or a chat service. It only has a contact form. This surely does not inspire me any trust. Any reputable replica shoes store should invest a little effort into providing some decent customer services. is just like all the other dozens of replica jordan shoes stores- it has a nice website, a large selection of sneaker, low prices and free world wide delivery, but it disappoints with its lack of proper customer services and unprofessional product pictures. My advice is to order from this place only after you speak with one of their agents.