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What is the difference between cheap and expensive fake sneakers?

As you have probably noticed, there are many different prices for fake sneakers online. But what do you actually pay for when you buy an expensive replica sneaker compared to a cheap one. There are more or less 3 price levels among fake sneakers. The ultra cheap replicas which cost 30-40 dollars, the replicas priced at 40-50 dollars and the top-priced which cost 160-??. I know you can find a sneaker in between these limits but they still belong in these levels when it comes to quality.

So what are the differences between these fake sneakers?
There are many things which can influence the price of a fake sneaker. But in the big picture you can actually divide this into one category – Materials. The ultra cheap replicas are made of inferior quality materials. The top quality fake sneakers are made of authentic materials.

1, The Ultra Cheap Replicas

 2,The AAA Grade Replicas

 3,The Top Quality Replicas