Wonderkicks.ru Review

I am sure you are always interested in discovering new and interesting replica yeezys stores where you can shop for beautiful yeezy shoes. This is why I am also certain that you are going to adore Wonderkicks.ru. This fake yeezys website appears to have some of the most popular models available on the market, models that will style up very nicely all your outfits.

Maybe the homepage doesn’t look that cool, glamorous or stylish, but the store has much more to offer than what can be seen there. There is a very wide selection of replica sneakers, sandals and t-shirts. This company is basically an online shopping mall where you can buy something you need in a sensational wardrobe.

Today we will keep our focus on designer yeezy shoes so let’s discover the diverse collection of yeezy sneakers available here! What mood are you in today- 350 V2, 500, 700, 750 or 350? The top menu bar is pretty plain and easy to access. From here you can quickly go to the desired collection and view the available models. One thing though, there is a way of filtering the designs by color, fabric or price range.

The prices vary from $110 to $200 per yeezy shoe. From my point of view, the prices are pretty affordable. The authentic shoes cost thousands of dollars so these fakes are only a fraction of the price.

Wonderkicks.ru isn’t that preoccupied about providing a very detailed and accurate description for its replica yeezy boosts. From product to product, the consistency and relevance of the product description vary. Some shoes have a more complete set of technical details while others have just a few generic info that aren’t sufficient to express the quality of these knockoffs.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the photos that Wonderkicks.ru uses for its replica sneakers. Clearly, the pictures were taken in same studio and are of same quality.

The company can accept the following payment options: Credit Card, Western Union with 10% discount. The strange thing about its available payment methods is that money gram isn’t included. In my opinion, all replica online merchants must be able to process at least Mony Gram payment.

Wonderkicks.ru ships packages worldwide with DHL, Fedex, EMS and RPX. All packages are shipped with a tracking number..

The company can be contacted by email and phone. It has a flashy chat button on the page which is always offline or redirects you to the contact page, but never actually connects you to anyone.

Wonderkicks.ru is, simply put, just another fake yeezys store. It doesn’t have anything more or less to offer than your average fake shoes website. Its best qualities are a friendly and easy to use website, a wide collection of new and popular designer sneakers, very affordable prices, fast worldwide delivery and discounts for Western Union payment. The downsides are the lack of attention towards the return policy.

5 thoughts on “Wonderkicks.ru Review”

  1. Yes I bought pair of trainer’s from a chinese company same.as you no reponse to E.MAILS and live chat forget it they also sent in wrong box, no orange laces, no red zip tie and the trainer’s were absolutely awful workmanship what workmanship my 2 yr old could do better I can’t afford to pay top dollar with having a family

  2. Wonderkicks are not replica Yeezys but they are Unauthorized Authentic products which are made in the retail factory. Adidas has a quota for the number of shoes that are to be produced and when there are too many shoes that pass all of the shoe standards, Adidas discards of them. Wonderkicks is just a company that re-sells the discarded Yeezys at a wayyyyyyy lower price. They are legit and they do not sell replicas.

    1. HAHA smurtboi you are out of your mind if you actually believe that what you said is true. Here’s a tip, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Nobody in the WORLD can just go buy “left over quota blah blah” and then sell it to the world for half the price. You actually think Adidas would let factories sell their “over stock” to random chinese companies? Wake up brother

  3. Just found out my 700 Waverunners is not being shipped double boxed. Oof. Not planning on reselling but would like a decent shape box to put shoes back in after wear. I will receive next week to see how quality of shoes are.

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