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If you are keen on finding a new cool replica sneaker for this season then maybe you should check out This store looks very professional, has a very diverse collection of fake shoes and very low prices. Judging by these things, it feels like a great place for buying your favorite imitation sneakers. But is it really a reputable source? Let’s find out. makes a very good first impression. With a very simple and elegant appearance it manages to steal your attention right from the first moment. The homepage is clean and tidy- a white and black background, a beautiful banner are what impresses us right from the start.

Browsing the site is very easy and intuitive. There is only one menu bar and this is located on top of the page. It includes 4 buttons- New Products, Featured Products, Payment, Information. When you see this, you feel puzzled. What on earth does this company want to sell? In fact, carries some sneaker brands. After you click on one of the buttons from the menu a new page loads with a list of available designers in the left side of the screen. Here, there are seven very famous brand names and each one includes many different designs. The collection is wide and diversified. The very large number of products makes it very easy to find the style which interests you. There are more than 10 pages of items for each sub-category and no option of filtering or sorting the products by your desired criteria. This is a huge downside for the usability of the site.

The prices for these replica bags vary between $79 and $179. The things that influence the price are the material, type of inside shoes and popularity of the design.

A quick look around the categories shows us that this company has its own photos for its merchandise. A professional replica store invests time and effort into taking photographs of the products it offers. Pictures are important because these are your best indicator for the quality of the product you are buying. If you can’t see a photo that actually proves how good the replica shoe is then how can you be sure that what you see is what you’ll get?

The delivery is not free. The company ships packages all across the globe. It claims to use DHL and that the estimated delivery time is 3-4 working days. I am sure that delivery costs are some of the most important things you consider before submitting an order online. Everyone wants to enjoy free shipping for its replica sneakers and when we find such a store we are thrilled by this significant incentive.

If you try to submit an order online, you will see that on the page it says that the accepted payment options are Western Union and Money Gram. I was highly disappointed by the payment methods .
After you receive the order, you have 14 days to inspect it and decide if you want to return it for a refund or replacement. After this period, no complaints are taken into consideration. Another important thing you should know is that the costs of returning the goods will be covered by the customer.

Unfortunately, the website does not offer proper Customer Service. If you have questions about their products, services or policies you can reach the agents only by using the Contact form or their Gmail account. Even though they have a Chat button on the homepage, when you click it nothing happens. It only directs you to the Contact Us page where there’s no option to chat live or a phone number. All these things are highly disappointing.

Before buying a replica sneaker online you should always check the website very carefully. One of the best ways of determining its reputability is to contact customer service. If you can’t reach them then you should reconsider your purchasing decision. Indeed, has very low prices, and a wide selection of replicas, but the fact that the payment options prove to be something of a disappointment, and customer care should make you really doubt its trustworthiness.